March 9, 2010

Dream Home

As I sit awake at 1:03am working away on a project, I'm reminded of what it is I'm working for... this. I found these photos on a blog over a year ago and have saved them in a folder called "My Dream Home". It's what I so badly want for my next home. A loft in the city with tall ceilings, exposed rafters, brick and lots and lots of hammocks. Yes, hammocks inside. I'd like one of everything in these photos. Except the boy.


  1. Love the miles of brick and the big, tall windows with nice, fat wood trim.

    Those would make for a lovely place to live, love and work.

    I have a folder full of images like this, too. I use it to guide design/decor choices in the house we're in now, when possible. Given where we are and the style of house we're in, most of my photos have a distinctive "modern southwest" vibe. Some things in my folder and on my wish list: tall, striking forms of potted cactus and euphorbias, rough-hewn wood beams or columns, stained concrete floors, a Brazilian tri-color cowhide rug. It just takes so long to do it all!

    I like some of the stuff in this year's HGTV dream house in Santa Fe, but other parts of that house I just hate. It's here, for anyone who's got time to kill:

  2. There's some really great stuff on that site - love how open that kitchen is. I'd love to see some of the things in your folder... wish there were a way to upload your own pics. I'm working on getting this blog out of Blogspot and into something much more friendly. And much better designed.