February 1, 2010

Trapping An Animal

After having something in our room for the last 2 nights, we've decided to set a trap. The first night, this thing ate an apple we had in a bag. The second time, it woke us up in the middle of the night by knocking a bottle of vitamins off the desk, rolled the bottle across the floor of our room and under a shelving unit. When we went to see what it was, it somehow escaped OUTSIDE with the bottle of vitamins. The whole bottle. We searched the corner of the room the next morning and could not find a hole anywhere leading outside. Check out the video to see how we plan on trapping this thing.


Update: The bait didn't work. Before bed, Kyle checked all the sliding doors and realized a couple of them had small gaps, which is probably how this thing got in and out. He sealed them up pretty well, in fact, so well that this thing couldn't get in our room last night. We heard something trying to get in for a good 10 minutes in the middle of the night... scratching and biting at the wood on the doors. So I think we'll create the gap again tonight and wait. The trap will be glorious.


  1. You guys are so funny. What do you think it is? I can just picture you sleeping holding the cord...
    You need more videos. I love hearing your voices!

  2. We never caught the animal before we moved out of the villa. We attempted one more time, but no luck. I imagine this thing has a huge mouth with a small body and is super fast. I think it’s a new species that only inhibits islands of Indonesia. I don’t think it’s a monkey because this thing is way too fast and small. I don’t think it’s a gecko because it needs to be able to carry a bottle of vitamins outside. It could be a large rat head with a pancake for a body that has magical abilities to put holes in the wall and then seal them up when need be. And it would have 20 feet for running across the room with the bottle in under 1.9 seconds.

    Kyle thinks it's just a rat.